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This is crossposted to/from . .

Did I get your attention ? This thread is PICTURE heavy !!!

Ok this was my first thread. . .

OK.. Never detailed before !! Help me out !! Lots of Pics.

and this was my second...
Newbie Questions about wetsanding... HELP ME !! LOL

I decided after alot of advice from you guys that I should try and attack this problem myself...

This is the result...

1) Picked it up from BMW like this
It was horrible with swirl marks and pits.

2) I used all sorts of products on it to get it in better shape.
This is the result after a little wetsanding, compounding, polishing and finishing up with Klasse. . .
Klasse 2x AIO, 5xSp

3) Finally I added a coat of Blitz and MAN what a difference.. Judge for yourself.

Klasse (2x AIO,5x SP) plus one coat of Blitz

This was my first time EVER detailing a car and using an orbital buffer. I decided to take everyone's advice and try to learn this myself instead of having a body shop wetsand the hood. I mean the car is only one year old. I think I did an OK job and really can't wait to get even better and better at detailing..

Wheel wells and tires next !!

THANK YOU GUYS !!! You saved me alot of money and gave me the courage to learn to work with a black car !!

Jimmy :thumb:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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