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Would really appreciate if someone could help me in the following caster angle issue. Posting from Europe (Romania) if relevant.
In December I bought a 2012 X5 E70 M50d. I immediately performed an alignment test with the following caster angle readings:

LEFT: 7° 42'
RIGHT: 7° 20'

Two days later (lucky me) I was involved in an accident, with another car ramming into my right front side. The hit was basically directly received in the right wheel. Among others, the upper and lower front control arms were seriously damaged and the tie rod was completely broken.

After all visible damaged parts have been replaced (all three control arms - one upper, the two lower, tie rod, wheel carrier, wheel hub), the alignment machine shows the following caster angles:

LEFT: 7° 46'
RIGHT: 6° 25'

The last part to replace was found to be the engine subframe. The insurance company refuses to accept the replacement by stating that the wheel alignment machine doesn't provide standard reference for the caster angles. Could anyone post these standard caster angles? So far, I only managed to find out that the service manuals only state that the difference between left/right should not exceed 30 minutes.

Much appreciated.
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