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I'm looking for a cheap set of winter tires and/or wheels for my E90 M3.

I'd prefer a non-staggered set up of 18x8" wheels with 235/40R18 tires, but can be flexible (though not smaller than 18").

I'm willing to use small spacers if necessary, but prefer not to.

I can buy a new set of wheels ($500) and tires ($650 - $800) for around $1150 - $1300, so I'm looking for something substantially cheaper than that.

I live in SoCal, and only will use these wheels/tires a couple times per year to go snowboarding, so looks/curb rash doesn't matter to me at all (no cracks or bends). Since I only go a few times per year, I need to get a cheap set to outweigh simply renting an SUV every time I go to the mountains.

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