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WTB::2008 BMW 550i OEM Wheel

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I am new to the forums but I recently sold my M Coupe and I just got into a 2007 BMW 550i. It has the OEM wheels on it and they are in great/excellent condition but I am looking for a new/different set of wheels. I really like the 2008 550i OEM wheels so I am attempting to locate a set for sale...I ultimately want black wheels...I attached a few images of my old car, my new car and the wheels I want...

Please feel free to email me if you have these wheels for sale...I am also going to be selling the OEM wheels on my car or i am willing to trade...


[email protected]


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Congratulations on the new 550! what color is your 550? black wont look good on all colors...
My 550i is Black.
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