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WTB: Base roof rack

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hi, im currently a new member and this is my first time posting. Im looking to buy a base roof system for a 2007 530XI without paying $220 brand new at the dealership! wayy to expensive! but please let me know if you have one that you could sell to me. i could do paypal if your out of state! i currently live in Colorado so if your in town and have one to sell, i could meet up with you as well! let me know if you have it and shoot me a price! thanks everyone! :)
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IMO, $220 for an OE roof rack would be a very reasonable price to pay if I wanted one. Especially for a car that's worth as much as these are...
i know but i was looking around this forum and people were selling them for less shipped for whatever reason they didnt need it anymore so i figured i asked before i go buy it. also, i didnt think it would hurt to ask since i saw a lot of success from others who did
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