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WTB: E60 OEM 123 18" wheels/tires, iDrive knob, iPod adapter

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Hey All,

Just got a 2005 545i (non-sport) recently. Really liking it so far, but I would really prefer some different wheels. Since at least 2 of my tires are gettting low, I'd also prefer tires that could get me by for a bit longer. I have 17" style 116 currently and would consider a trade + cash or just straight purchase.

- OEM style 123 18" rims (non-chrome)

I could also be talked into purchasing the following if the price was right:
- replacement iDrive knob (mine is scratched up)
- updated navigation CD (mine doesn't have some newer streets in my area)
- iPod adapter cable/module (mine has CD changer installed already and I think the 2007 software update. Can I verify it has the latest software w/ MP3 capability by just tossing in an MP3 disc?)

Post or PM if you have any of these items
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Quick update, I grabbed a newer Nav CD online and found an iDrive knob here on the forum, so I'm good to go there!

Still interested in:
Style 123 18" rims and tires
iPod adapter cable/module
Still looking for a set of Style 123 wheels and tires for my 545i. Also interested in the iPod Module for MOST system.

PM me if you have either for sales.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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