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WTB Mounting hardware for Hard top

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I finally found a hard top for my 2002 Z3 but I can't find hardware anywhere.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Jack, the kit sells at your local dealer or over at it''s part number 54219408699 and should cost you 460.00 plus shipping. It comes with the rear defroster switch, top brackets, front bolts, and trim pieces.

If you want to bargain basement it together you can order these parts separately:
a) left support - 54218410457 & left contact bush - 54218410549
b) right support - 54218410458 & right contact bush - 54218163056
f) deffoger switch - 61311376444 for models up to 4/99 or 61318381912 for models post 4/99
i) Hexagon head screw - 07119901586 (need 6)
k) Adapter Cable - 61108400220
e) & e1) cover for deffog switch & dummy plates 51168407211
as well as (2) of these torx bolts for the front attachment 54218410534

Good luck!
Vary cool!!
Thank you
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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