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*UPDATE* - Decided not to go the swap route, to much of a headache. Thanks everyone. Going after an e46 awd wagon and the plan is to throw a supercharger on it.

Shopping around for a car in the 7-13k price range. At first I thought I wanted a 03 540i M-Sport but the timing chain and maintenance scared me off, then I thought I wanted a e46 ZHP but I've come to the realization that I need a wagon. Thought about an e46 xiT but I just love the e30 and e34 body styling so much more. I like e39 when they are modded, but stock is just kinda bleh.

I want a unique car, basic or ordinary won't cut it. Here is a few cars I've come across that peeked my interest.

Here is an awesome e30, but I would just be underwhelmed by 111hp after paying $10k for it. -

Here is a unique e39. Priced a bit high at 10k with 100k on it since it's basically optionless (has sunroof, pdc's and mtech bumpers), but it is modded with suspension, wheels, and audio, so thats a plus.

Here is an awesome low mileage e34 (36k), but it's not a wagon. would probably be underwhelmed by the motor but the price is right on. -

Here is a nice e46 xiT, but the price is a couple grand too high I feel. I don't get the feeling that the owner has done a enough in maintenance to get to that price. -

There is an awesome e34 with and LSX motor swap that I am looking into listed on this forum, but the asking price is $4-5k higher than when the builder sold it back in 08/09 and the a/c is still broken. I spoke to the builder (who is not the current owner) and said fixing the a/c would be a pain and probably the reason the current owner never had it fixed. _sl_
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