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I have a fully built VR6 turbo that has over 30K into it. it was just at AP tuning's booth for h20 international in OC, maryland this past weekend.
I'm looking for a E46 m3 in GOOD condition and with some mods.. like suspension, wheels, exhuast, etc. if possible.

heres just a little list of what is done to the car.

pm me for MORE info if intrested

-2.8L eruo spec short block with forged rods, and pistons (bottom end good for 800HP + and has 5K miles on it
-Head was fully rebuilt 5k on it

Turbo Kit:
***8226; Custom turbo kit with tubi mani, custom bored out turbo to a 59-1 trim dual ball bearing
***8226; C2 Software
***8226; Fueling kit good for 500+whp (good for 24 PSI +)
***8226; Black piping and black front mount

Drive Train:
O2M 6 speed with 60k on it
***8226; Euro Spec stg III clutch (2000 miles) jus broken in good for 550 WHP
***8226; Pelequin LSD differential
***8226; All Professionally installed everything works and functions beautifully
***8226; Tranny is clean enough to eat off of
***8226; Stg III drive shaft shop axles
- Porsche big brakes with tru float rotors front and rear

***8226; Recaro sport Topline seats (pair) in amazing condition fully adjustable and motorized, air vented, heated, and air bolsters, black leather and black Recaro racing fabric in middle
***8226; Professionally sueded headliner in black micro suede (only suede that stretches so it will stay in those tight corners without a sweat)
***8226; Custom rear seat delete and false floor set up, built by one of the best car stereo installers in PA. (you can lay on it it's so strong)

***8226; OEM H.I.D.'s Smoked professionally ( in seriously perfect condition)
***8226; OEM R32 front bumper
***8226; Emphase side skirts
***8226; Emphase rear valance
***8226; (you CANNNOT get any emphase stuff anymore I was the last to get their rear vlance the guy who makes their stuff is basically done working for them since their stuff is made to order. (I know their website works still)
***8226; fk L.E.D. tail lights
***8226; I also have this sticker for the tinted glass that says the tint is legal!!!!!

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