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Just wanting to see whats out there so here is my car. A 1995 325ic that i've owned a little over 2 1/2 years now, bought it off of a forum member in Nashville. So I will start off with that bad and move onto the good. The car has a decent amount of rock chips on the front, can easily be painted and fixed but just putting it out there. The hood, truck and both doors have some dents from daily use and the outside passengers door handle doesn't work. The outside of the car doesn't look bad, but it does show signs of 17 years of use. Since i've owned this car I have replaced most of the car, and I like to use quality parts so everything has been done right. I'm one of those guys who spends a little too much time and money on his car than he should, think most of us here are. Now onto whats been done to the car, when I bought it it already had the seats recovered front and back, Biletein Sport shocks put on all for corners and what I believe to be M3 springs. (it sits lower than non M verts) I will provide a list of everything I have done to the car and I do have records for all of it that will be given to who ever is interested. The car has an Active Autowerke C30 supercharger kit included, all that is on the car now is the compressor, brackets, software and injectors. The rest I took off due to the compressor leaking fluid so I removed everything and am just running the car normally aspirated. The car is a beast with the s/c kit on and the compressor can be rebuilt at for a little over $300. The reason I would like to trade my car is that i'm looking for more room. A 2dr vert doesn't provide that, and I need at least a hard top in order to put a roof rack on. This car is great and I love putting down the top, but I just need the room. I would love an E46 touring but I am up to other trades. Here is the list of parts I have installed excluding a couple trips to the shop, tires and other things I have forgotten. Currently has style 68 wheels on.

1995 325ic----> 159,xxx on chasis----> 110,xxx on engine
Genuine BMW clutch slave cylinder- $49.95
Bimmerworld E36 10.9 grade front differential bolt upgrade- $3.99
Pelican Parts driveshaft centering sleeve-$10.59
Pelican Parts Flex disk "Guibo"-$103.01
Pelican Parts- Drive shaft center carrier-$61.05
Vines Automotive Victor Reinz oil pan gasket-$29.08
Vines Automotive Nissens A/C condenser-$107.71
Vines Automotice Victor Reinz valve cover gasket w/bolt gaskets-$32.95
Vines Automotive Bosh coil-$57.62
Vines Automotive spark plug boot-$11.49
Vines Automotive replacement engine 90k miles out of E34 auto-$700
Eurotec Elring Klinger Vanos camshaft cover gasket-$7.74
Bimmerforums store Bimmerforums sticker-$5.00
RallyRoad grey leather center armrest cover-$46.95
GK Euro Parts window slider bushing kit, passenger and drivers window-$14.94
Vines Automotive OEM BMW clutch w/throwout bearing&pilot bearing-$300
Resurfacing flywheel machine work-$40
Center exhaust hanger bushings-$9.50
Emotion International M3 style rear diffuser-$69.75
Jlevisw Carbon BMW hood roundel-$45
Used Luk power steering pump-$50
ECS Tuning Genuine BMW thermostat o-ring-$2.21
ECS Tuning Genuine BMW thermostat housing gasket-$3.67
ECS Tuning URO aluminum thermostat housing-$13.75
ECS Tuning MTC trim panel clips (doors) x20-$2.20
ECS Tuning Genuine BMW convertible antenna-$29.74
Bimmerworld upper radiator hose-$14.99
Bimmerworld lower radiator hose-$16.99
Bimmerworld Meyle HD front suspension overhaul kit-$399
UUC Motorwerks clutch arm bushing (pedal)-$20
Active Autowerke #4 pipe-$85
Active Autowerke plaque-$40
Pelican Parts water pump (plastic impeller)-$62.64
Besian Systems single vanos seal kit-$30
Besian Systems single vanos rattle repair kit-$30
Bimmerforums Genuine BMW replacement CD changer-$35
Lemforder transmission mount x2-$25.90
Emiata rear window-$129
Spectra Premium radiator-$145.79
Pelican Parts OEM coolant level sensor-$15.25
Pelican Parts OEM coolant temperature sensor-$20.75
Bavarian Autosport Genuine BMW antenna grommet-$2.95
Vines Automotive BMW passenger side tail light-$50
Used BMW convertible top module-$85
Fuel/vacuum lines under intake -$17.54
Trunk struts-$38.98
Style 68 wheels-$325
Pirelli P Zero Nero 225/45/17 and Pirelli P6 mount and balanced $673.00
NAPA Bosh fuel injector O ring kit (1) -$5.07
1998 M3 vert front door panels-$220
Bosh oxygen sensor-$88.40
Mr. Injector service kit- $24
Pelican Parts injector clips- $18.45
Uro Parts engine fan blade- $50
Wahler thermostat & o ring-$21.50
Behr fan clutch- $103.75
Brembo OE rear brake rotors- $107.69
OEM trunk gas struts- $31.98
M Power euro plate frame- $16.19
Turner Motorsport updated matte black grills- $93.13
Mobile 1 synthetic 10w30 7 quarts- $46.99
Fram oil filter- $6.96
Red Line Water Wetter 12 oz.- $9.99
Napa Micro V alternator/steering belt- $36.99
Napa Micro V a/c belt- $13.49
Napa belt tensioner- $85
Bimmerworld Spal fan kit- $180



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On a side note... How did you have the bike attached on the back of the car. I have the same car and thought I was going to have to add a hitch to carry my bikes.

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Probably should have PM'd. I transport my bike in the rear with the top down.
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