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X1 Tuning

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Since our X1 arrives in the US today I thought I would do a little investigating into tuning and found this:

They are seeing 45HP increase without intake or exhaust mods. Does anyone know if the ECU "adapts" over time to the piggyback signals, and whether the dealer can still find out about this even if it's removed beforehand and void the 4yr warrantee? It looks like the N20 is already turning out to be highly tunable.
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The dealer can basically see what has happened to the car if the tuning throws fault or shadow codes. Since their diagnostic equipent can pick up this info, it might be wise to order a BT cable which lets you delete these codes before you have your car serviced. I have just ordered the coding + cable myself and hope to install it next week :) Good luck.
Hey I was wondering if anyone has installed this tune on their x1 28i?
Several people here have and they like it a lot. Personally I'm waiting for the Dinan N20 tune which should be coming out in the next couple months. It's a "real" tune as opposed to the BMS's technique of tricking the engine into thinking it's operating with different parameters than it is.
Good news for X1 owners. We added full Stage2 support. That means in dash gauges & control, higher power gains than Stage1 can offer, and the tune even reads and deletes hidden tuner detection codes. :)

Some addl info here:
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