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Has anyone had any experience trying to read engine or vehicle data from the X3's OBDII port?

I want to add a constant readout of the turbo boost pressure and thought the "ScanGaugeII" <> would possibly be an ideal way to do that. The issue is, does the X3 report the MAP level on the OBDII port. According to Linear Logic (the ScanGaugeII manufacturer), only about 50% of vehicles using MAP sensors will respond to a request for a MAP readout. The SacanGaugeII is programmable for scaling and offset, so it will have no problem converting a MAP reading to a true "boost" reading, IF it's available on the X3.

Linear Logic has had no experience with N55 engines, so doesn't know if their gauge will provide this function on a new X3.

The question is: Has anyone tried a scan tool on the X3, and if so, does the port respond to a request for a MAP reading?


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