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I just got my 2009 X5 with 52,500 miles 11 months ago and have had to repair fuel pump, oil cooler leak, coolant flush because previously someone put green coolant in, i bought an extended warranty with mine. This saved me $650 on the fuel pump, and $183 on the oil cooler leak. It didnt pay for the coolant flush though since that was a maintenance item.

I would recommend getting an extended warranty type plan if i was you, they can be expensive to buy also. There is a favorite i think i have seen on the forum but don't know the name of mine at the moment. I have recovered a quarter of the cost of it already i think and it has $100 deductible. I am expecting i will recover more in the future. They told me the wrong coolant can cause water pump to fail, and i have heard that is a common replacment item around 50,000 miles. I had a friend who had it happe to his wife's 535 with the 3.0 six cylinder and just the pump was costly and it only has 35,000 miles on the 2008.

I'm sure if you search for extended warranty you will find many discussions about them. Good luck, they really do drive nice don't they?

I did forget to add that i replaced the coils and spark plugs on mine myself and saved a chunk of change too. My mechanic said they are 100,000 mile plugs but i bought them anyway after reading on forums. When i got them out they definitly needed it as i had read on the forums.
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