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X5 Question

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I have a 2001 X5 and recently my wife left the lights on and the battery ran dead. after jump starting the X5 the the display that has the GPS and other information has not come back on leaving me with no GPS or no idea what radio station I am listening to. The radio and cassette do play, thats why I feel it wierd.

Someone on this forum suggested checking the fuses in 2 locations front and back). I bought a fuse tester and checked every fuse in the vehicle and they all are working. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

You can aso contact me at [email protected]

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Update.... I have now checked all fuses and they work fine. I also disconnected the battery for 25 minutes still no luck getting the display working..... Any thoughts
my x5 has the same problem,i dont know what wrong with it
From what I have read on xoutpost you might need a new display. Jump starting somehow ruins the display!!!
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