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I have 2 keys now not working on my 04 X5. I have sent one to Scott, who said it worked and returned it. Since the interior dome light works, he also said that it wasnt a GM3 problem. Fuses are OK.

I decided to open up the rear inside upper hatch panel and uncover the FVZ antenna module. I tested the 3 contacts with a light tester, and found NO positive voltage to light it up. However, I have no idea where that wiring is coming from. (Yup, I have the Bentley manual, but try to figure that one out!) Not sure if it's a fuse other than #7, Radio, which works.

I also see that there is another module (antenna amplifier) in the back rear pillar, but havent pulled that yet.

My car has had a roof leak as a result of a panoramic roof that has not closed fully. My sound amplifier has been fried. I suspect that there's corrosion in that connection somewhere. Getting frustrated with no keyless entry!

Anyone have a similar problem?
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