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x5 starting problems 4.6is

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i have a 52 estroil blue x5 4.6is .... this week it has needed jump start in mornings every day this week until fri morn (today)and it started ok..... when leavin work 11hrs later its needed jump startin every eve...... have took battery to local car spares shop and they say battery is ok ? i woulda thought a dead cell had gone but they say so..... so must have a battery drain on it sumwhere... as bmw want like £90 hr plus vat any help would be appreciated...
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Is the car going to sleep, this can be checked by locking the car and then after about 15mins the little orange marker light to show P on the gear stick should go out, if is doesn't could be the FSR (final stage resistor) AKA the hedgehog.

have checked to see if light goes out and it does after what you say..... could it be battery and car spares shop useless ?
bmw want £96 plus vat per hour but reckon they will find fault within the hour... so its boooked in for tuesday....
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