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Hi All,

I've owned my 07 e90 335i (4/2007 build) for a little over six months now. I have a been a full time lurker on this and other e90 forums, and learned a lot, but I figured its time to join up. So far you folks have helped me fix my washer fluid pump issue, broken folding mirrors, and replace my coils/plugs and all fluids. Thank you so much. I hope someone can help me with this brainbuster. I've poured over the forum universe and can't seem to find anything that lends itself to my situation.

Two months ago I went to move the car into the garage and about 10 seconds after the headlights came on the left side blinked three times (not flickering, it was like turning a normal incandescent bulb off and then on). Right after that I got a Dipped Left Beam Faulty CCID 120 pop up. Now I get the CCID 120 everytime I drive the car and the headlights are turned on, but not if they are forced to off (in "0" position) or don't turn on. Once the CCID pops up the Adaptive Headlights cease to function, which I imagine is by design.

About three weeks after the xenon issue cropped up I got a second CCID 130 which is Right High Beam Failure. This one doesn't make much sense as both halogens work just fine in both DRL mode and as passing lights. As with the above, if I turn off the DRL option or drive at night/don't use the flashing to pass the CCID will not present itself.

Here is what troubleshooting I've done thus far. Left=Drivers side

-Swapped DS1 bulbs from left to right, and right to left. Blinking stays on the left so I thought it must be a ballast.
-Replaced the Left side ballast with new. Verified all connections, blinking still present.
-Replaced both H7 halogens with new, verified connections, still get the CCID. There still is no apparent problem with the Right High Beam. It always works on par with the left.

Here are the codes from FRM:

At this point I'm beginning to suspect the FRM (I'm pretty sure I have FRM2 based on the build date and I have AE that fade in when I unlock the car, DRL options in KOMBI, etc.) itself, but I am having none to the tell-tale issues that folks have seen (lights staying on, inop windows, etc.) I just went through and tried to check the short counter with TOOL32, but i'm not sure it was successful, even if I did get it to show OKAY and 0. I also just cleared the codes with INPA. Where should I go from here? In the process of swapping the Xenon bulbs, replacing the left ballast, and replacing both high bean halogen bulbs I looked over all the wiring and nothing seems off, and there does not appear to be any water penetration into the headlights themselves.

What am I missing and where should I go from here? Thank you so much in advance!

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