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Xenon Light Aiming

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Hey All,

Long time lurker, first time poster. Anyways, I was following a relative home tonight and was told it appeared my left Xenon light was dimmer (not as bright as the right) and pointing to the right (maybe it appeared dimmer cuz it was pointing right?). He said my right Xenon right seemed ok. This is the second time I've been told this recently. I always assumed this was normal for Xenon lights as to not blind on-coming drivers. Am I wrong? :dunno: Hopefully, you all understand what I'm trying to convey and what my question is. Thanks for any and all replys.
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That's about normal. (proper) Xenons in european cars, even in the US, put out a european light light pattern, that sets up the right side to shine further up the road than the left one (like you said, to help prevent glaring oncoming traffic).

Euro patterns also call for a sharper upper cutoff, which also helps in this.

Thanks for the reply...Just wanted to make sure nothing was wrong with my Xenons...
Here's a capture from that shows the headlight beam pattern.


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