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xenon power up oddity

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I've got one of those silly questions, but I can't recall seeing it addressed anywhere before. Most of the time, when I turn on my lights (Bi-Xenon) the lights come on, then they point downwards a bit for a second before returning the straight ahead position. Occasionaly, when I turn the lights on, they fire up in the lowered position and after a moment they rotate up.

This first happened after putting about 600 miles on the car after taking delivery. It was very infrequent from then until the past two weeks (about 2500 miles) when it started to happen more and more often. Now it happens almost every time.

I'm guessing that it's the automatic self leveling going through a calibration process. I'm just wondering if anyone has any other ideas and if it happens to anyone else. I've got a little quicktime movie of it here.

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This is normal. Just as you said, this is the lights self-leveling. You have nothing to worry about unless the lights aren't leveling off.
Yeah, the first time I drove a relative's 330Cic (a mere 3 days after I got my license :D) the power up sequence of the xenon's startled me.

Nice little movie clip BTW.
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