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Are all 325xi wagons xiT's? What does the T stand for? I just bought an '04 and lovin' the ride. I am getting different feedback from different people. The manual does not refer to it being T anywhere. It was advertised as a T, is that bull? I know what the X means. Someone told me the T meant it was a wagon.
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T = Touring, as in wagon, so yes all wagons are "T"s. Read the e46 wiki; it will answer questions you didn't know you had.
I found my answer if Wiki is right. T is for Wagon. xi is for Sedan. Any other advice?
Thanks! Found the Wiki while you were replying.
and jsut for clarification, not all wagons are xiT's. Many are only iTs (i.e. rear wheel drive only). Sadly most wagons, and most BMWs for that matter, are automatic transmissions though.

BTW welcome to the wagon club.... or "Touring" if you prefer.
Welcome to wagon club. I have one too. Pictures please, sir!?
Welcome to the exclusive subset of E46 owners which is the Touring Owner. If you ever want to carry anything like a bicycle or maybe your wifes purse , you'll realize the value.:eeps:
+1 welcome! I did a lot of research looking for a wagon and bought what I thought was the best value... also happens to look the nicest and drive the best.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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