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Yeesh, some people take lane changes so seriously...

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So I'm running an errand today... Just driving along minding my own business... I come to a stop light with a fair amount of traffic and wait for it to change. The light turns green and I go along with my lane. The idiot to the right of me doesn't notice the light has changed for quite a while. Probably about ten seconds. Long enough for the people behind him to start honking. So he wakes up and floors it.

Now, at this point we're coming to a bottleneck where two lanes merge into one. I generally take a dim view of letting people in when they have shown that they have no grasp of what's going on around them. He tries to cut me off, but as he's in the yield lane, I don't let him in.

Get this... He follows me three miles to the CVS I was running to to pick up some tape and comes in to lecture me. I blow him off and tell him he's being utterly childish while I purchase my tape and he follows me into the parking lot. When I get into my car, he BLOCKS my door open and proceeds to attempt to tell me what a piece of shit my car is and how much better this unmentioned car he has in his driveway is. (I'd asked him if he was having jealousy issues when he wouldn't shut up inside the CVS... He was driving a Mitsubishi Trooper, an OLD one, probably ten years old or so.) So I asked him nicely, then progressively less nicely to get the **** off of my door. He wouldn't budge, even after I attempted to pull it shut and force him out of the way. Finally, I had to just start the car and put it in reverse AND START DRIVING TO GET HIM OFF OF MY CAR!!!

What is it with people? So ****ing immature. I wonder how he manages to survive if he takes it personally every time someone won't let him in. (Especially when he's attempting the let me come as close to ramming the car as possible and see if that'll get him to budge approach to merging.)

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I think the big issue came when this guy blocked my car door open. (I loved it when I told him to please stop blocking my door and he said he wasn't before he got slammed into the side of my car for the SECOND time when I tried to close it.)
Getting in my face is one thing, but actively blocking me and holding my door open is more into the realm of the threatening.

This guy was seriously pathetic. Oily slob who was probably in his forties but looked like he was in his sixties.

I don't feel in any way bad that I didn't let him into my lane. He shot up from behind and tried to cut me off. Next time, however, I won't stop and give the twit an oportunity to try to mess with me.

His plate was MD M222555, in case anyone is interested. :p Brownish Isuzu Trooper, early nineties.
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