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Im buying a six speed tranny off import racer, I was originally going to buy the whole car but shipping is a bitch... anyways according to
all I need is what he listed on that page, but I've heard on this forum and others that I'd need to get a new DME? it shouldnt be an issue getting one because he'll provide everything i need with the tranny, anyways im going to make a list on everything i need and if anyone could add to it with explanations why that'd be great.

transmission brackets
pressure plate
wiring for reverse
clutch hydraulics / slave cylinders
differential?? (his is open diff with 2.97 or smthn i think and i dont wanna swap my 3.15 lsd for it, do i have to??)
dash instrument cluster with around 160000 miles on it. (Will it stop counting miles if I swap mine with his?)
a bunch of seals for the transmission and diff
new fluid
new mounts
flywheel bolts
pressure plate bolts
rear seal for crankshaft (should I for preventative maintenance??)
clutch bearing
drive shaft centre bearing
a bitch clip?? can anyone be specific. (im sorta pissed off that he didnt write the proper term for that)

is that it? anyone that has done a swap, i beg you to give me insight, im going to do this mainly with my uncle or grandfather, not sure who's down to do it haha.:D
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