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YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! After lusting after a 3 series for almost 3 years and test driving an endless number of coupes....I finally settled for a manual transmission 98 328iS in metallic blue with less than 45K on the odo :thumbup: What can I's a goergeous looking car and drives so smooth, it might as well be an electric motor :bigpimp:

Untill now my daily driver was a Miata which I really love but craved some comfort and HP.

Some initial observations by a first time BMW owner coming from a Miata.

1. The inline six has got to be the smoothest engine this side of an electric motor.
2. Incredible throttle response.
3. Superb driving position and comfortable interior.

If there is one thing I could change, it will have to be the manual shifter. It some how lacks the snick snick of a Miata...the gates just dont feel as well defined....But for that engine, I can live with any thing :angel:

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I'd warn you not to get a short shifter without trying it first in an identical car. IIRC, the E36 328 has the same tranny as the E36 M3, and I thought UUC's shifter was basically undrivable in that car. You may have a different opinion, but you should try one BEFORE you put one in.

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Congrats and welcome to the 'Fest... now let's see some pics!


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Congrats on the new ride!

Drive it in good health. :thumbup:
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