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yet another idea for a low cost CAI (it's possibly the best design yet)

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hi there fellow tweakers...

I was browsing the ITG web site and stumbled onto their Maxogen line which has an optional filter housing (the best part).

so go to the ITG web site and check out their Maxogen line and then read on to hear my idea:

the mass air sensor on my 330 has about a 90mm inlet. using a 90mm rubber coupler and an ITG filter with a matching neck size, the filter can be secured directly to the mass air sensor. be sure to select a round ITG filter versus a cone shaped filter because in the pictures, it appears that the round filters have a built in velocity stack just like the stock air box (and it would be in about the same position realtive to the MAF). now attatch one of their housings. I don't know which one will fit but I suspect that there's only enough room for the side inlet style (which seems to be their preferred design anyway). now you can route the inlet of their canister to alomst any location you want to draw cold air directly. ideally, you could just run the tube down behind the driver's headlight into the cavity behind the front bumper (where the air filter is on a Dina CAI).

on the drawing board, this CAI takes the best of the Dinan (the carbon fiber look and the location from which it draws air) and the ECIS (ease of installation and future filter maintenance) and rolls it up into one solution.

if you have a 330i (sedan) with sport package and were so inclined, you could install the diesel duct in one side of your bumper (see my DINAN3 web page for a pic of the diesel duct) and run the duct to that.

just a guess but I think intake noise will be reduced and comparable to somwhere between stock and an ECIS or Dinan.

sounds like a great idea on paper. just thought I'd share.

oh, BTW... ITG seems open to new product ideas so if enough of you lobby them, it may come to fruition. just a guess.

one more thing....

you'd need to fabricate a custom strap to support the assembly at the mass air sensor but this should be easy to do. it seems like all you need is something as simpl as a strip of metal that you will have to bend to fit and then drill a hole or two in.

this is the only real custom piece that I can forsee needing. everything else is "off the shelf" ITG.

I haven't done any price checking but I still suspect that an ITG filter with one of their housings and the other necesary material will STILL cost less then even the ECIS.

Since I'm working on my own air box modification and want to keep the stock filter, I will not likely persue this any further.
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There's a airbox for sale on ebay, and a couple of exhausts.
If you want a 328 box, I have a spare one lying around :dunno:
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