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Since I can't find a thread specifically pertaining to what I'm looking for, I'll ask it:

I have a 120GB iPod that I love using. It has about 105GB of music on it.

MAIN ISSUE: My 2007 iDrive takes FOREVER to get through the lists of artists/albums/songs on it. There is no search, no alphabet "jump to". Nothing. Just a list.

Now, I have a (pre-owned) 2007 328i sedan, running on the firmware that has a brown boot screen. I can search through phone books with the alphabet, same with destinations on my Nav Disk, but not in my iPod. Also, whenever I leave the iPod plugged in, it doesn't resume where it leaves off, it jumps back to FM radio and I have to navigate back to the AUX/USB settings to get it to play again.

I recently had to take in the car for some brake work, and informed them about the slow speeds, the knowledge of a firmware upgrade, and even gave them the line about the "disappearing pop up arrow on my nav" to try and goad them along, but nothing doing. They said they "couldn't find any issues from any computer error codes". So I asked them how much it would cost to perform the update outside of warranty coverage and they told me $220. Which I think is outrageous. Especially being told to a guy that installs software on other people's computers for a living.

Do I have any recourse? Does the newest update actually fix my issues? Is there something I should tell them to get them to do it under warranty? is there any service memo that I can take in to them and show them to get them to do the update? Please help, I bought the iDrive version because of the iPod integration and now the fact that I love my iPod is making it nearly unusable.

Thanks in advance.

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