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Now this is a garage! Yin and Yang, white E34 525, Automatic, Black E36 M3 5 speed.


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Ya, I've often thought about switching sides on the cars. There is stuff hanging on the other wall too. I always rush to check after one of our tremors
I sent this to the guys at Griots Garage and they sent me a link to their garage floor paint :D

They also told me I was very brave to buy a black car knowing my detailing habbits.
RChoudry said:

does the e36 have a sunroof?
Yes it does have a sunroof.

And John, you know me, of course it needs a good detail. I did the interior today. It sucked up the leather creme and vinyl treatment. Looks better than new now.

This weekend...the body. wash, clay, polish, and couple coats of wax...
Re: AS far as dust...

eric5150 said:
Invest in a California Duster. Those things do work great, remove dust w/no scratches. :thumbup: Big trick is to spread it out on newspaper in the sun for about 3 days to let the paper soak up the excess wax, so it won't leave streaks.

Got one, thanks
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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