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Your thoughts for ADV1 rims addition & caliper color

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Hey guys,

This is my first post here on the forum, so am excited to be a contributing member of the forum.

I have a black 2011 F10 550i. Overall, I couldnt be happier with the car. Nonetheless, I had to make some mods to the stock, and am happy with the progress to date. Here are the upgrades:

1. ACS springs, dropping the car by 25mm. You cant believe how much better the drive quality improves, particularly while taking turns.

2. A set of 21 ADV1 ADV7TS on the car. Even though less rubber, it definitely made the car drive smoother, given non-run flats now in place.

3. Just ordered the Meisterschaft EVC exhaust. I cant wait till installed, and hear the real way this car is meant to be.

Now the part I need help with.

1. I am considering whether I should put BMW center caps (manufactured by ADV1), or if I should keep the plain center caps that come with the upgraded rims. I just feel that the current center caps are too plain and the BMW logo (either blue / white or black / white) would just fill up that space and give it a nicer look.

2. I convinced the local Meisterschaft dealer to throw in painting the calipers as part of the purchase. Question is, what color do you best think goes with the black setup? I generally like a classy look, and so am not sure if Red / Yellow would stick to that theme, or whether going with a black caliper paint and the BMW letters in white works better?

All of your thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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I would rock the ADV1 center caps; without them everyone is just going to think they're average wheels, which ADV1 is not. Even people who suspect them to be ADV1s may think they're look alikes. When I see aftermarket wheels with the stock center caps, it's almost always cheap wheels because the owner is not proud to show the brand of wheels.
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