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Your thoughts for ADV1 rims addition & caliper color

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Hey guys,

This is my first post here on the forum, so am excited to be a contributing member of the forum.

I have a black 2011 F10 550i. Overall, I couldnt be happier with the car. Nonetheless, I had to make some mods to the stock, and am happy with the progress to date. Here are the upgrades:

1. ACS springs, dropping the car by 25mm. You cant believe how much better the drive quality improves, particularly while taking turns.

2. A set of 21 ADV1 ADV7TS on the car. Even though less rubber, it definitely made the car drive smoother, given non-run flats now in place.

3. Just ordered the Meisterschaft EVC exhaust. I cant wait till installed, and hear the real way this car is meant to be.

Now the part I need help with.

1. I am considering whether I should put BMW center caps (manufactured by ADV1), or if I should keep the plain center caps that come with the upgraded rims. I just feel that the current center caps are too plain and the BMW logo (either blue / white or black / white) would just fill up that space and give it a nicer look.

2. I convinced the local Meisterschaft dealer to throw in painting the calipers as part of the purchase. Question is, what color do you best think goes with the black setup? I generally like a classy look, and so am not sure if Red / Yellow would stick to that theme, or whether going with a black caliper paint and the BMW letters in white works better?

All of your thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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I think I like black better... Blue perhaps a bit too M5 wannabe?

Any pictures with a black F10 and aftermarket yellow calipers?
Calipers done...

Thanks for the thoughts... So I decided to go with the black... I absolutely love the look of it. Below is a picture.

Given that I am very bad with graphics, I was wondering if anyone has the time and willingness to impose the graphic of a bmw center cap (black and white Im thinking) on the image to see what it would really look like. Im still on the fence on this one, so any help would be much appreciated.


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