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Z06-engined CTS to compete with M5

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Car Connection is reporting that GM will put the LS6 engine from the Corvette Z06 into the CTS. The 400 hp 5.7L V8 will be mated to a six speed manual; the car will be called CTSi. GM is unabashed about saying the M5 is their performance bogey.

Too bad the styling won't change...

Article here
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Not even close!!

Saw my first CTS today...... Shall we say my first impression was AZTEC Part II..... I don't believe BMW has anything to worry about
I concur. The CTS looks absolutely horrible!!! The first time I saw the bizzare back and the flat sides for real, I couldn't eat the rest of the day.
Well, the CTS was one of the cars I was considering. The styling is unique. I really didn't mind it.
I hope they do something about the interior. As it stands now, the CTS's interior looks very cheap. Even the doors feel light. Ugh.

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