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Z3 "M" - Fog Light Kit - Anyone got this?

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I have seen the part number.. I've seen them in pictures..
Anyone seen the real deal? How do they look and how well are they made are I guess the most important questions..

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I don't care for the OEM one myself.

The Hamann one is really nice. And I generally do not like anything Hamann. Japan = Rice, German/Hamann = Wheat. But the Hamann kit retails for about $700. SPP can get them for like $550. They use Hella Dynamic Energy fogs. You need to paint the surrounds body color.

The other option, which may be the best bet, is to do like Ron did. Cut the mesh center grille as required for aftermarket fogs. You can get Hella DEs with no surround for about $100/pair. They look nice. They have xenon DEs, but they are in the $500 range. I like the idea of Hella DEs with Hella Yellow Star bulbs myself.
OEM Fogs

They were installed by the original owner, who traded it after one year. I've seen better looking fogs, they look sort of "Pep Boys" to me but I'm keeping them. (Hella is the mfg.)


Not to flame on personal taste, but I think factory fog light is ugly and belongs in PepBoys shelves. Personally I like the Hamann DE fog light assembly with modified break ducks. I have one in order and should have it soon. I will post the result.
Guess my biggest concern is dealing with the wiring. I would assume that the factory kit works in with the factory harness with a minimum of effort to install. Something on the order of the factory alarm.. I do prefer something that looks less tack-on plastic that the factory seems to look.
AC Schnitzer fogs

I have the schnitzer setup and they are nice. The lights are quality Hella units and the mounts are conformed to the interior of the brake duct openings. I should have enough extra pieces for a second setup if your interested.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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