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Z3 New Here...Advice welcomed!

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Aloha. Long story short, the only thing I got from my ex gf was a 97 Z3 V6. 95k, automatic, purple with beige top. I just redid the breaks and had a couple gaskets/leaks fixed. Nothing else is wrong with the engine/drive train. I am planning on changing to a black top and black wheels. Also, the interior is brown and the ostrich is ripped. I want to go all black with the interior. Dont want to drop a couple grand on seats, so I am looking into fairly priced racing seats. So, my question is to the Gods on the forum, what are your prefered sites to order from that carries several different items. I live in Hawaii where BMW parts ares scarce, and I figure I can get a deal on shipping if I place large orders from one or two sites.
Oh, the driver's door lock mechanism is broke, so you have to unlock from the trunk. I was thinking about popping the door open this weekend. Anyone have a how to?
While I wait for my seats and top, I was going to knock out painting the interior plastic and change the carpet. Advice? Im pretty confident about the plastic but I'm not sure where to get "auto carpet"?
One last one; the rear console lid is cracked and needs a new one as well as maybe a cup holder where the cassette array is? Good order sites?
Im not looking for answers for it all, and will def dig around the forum. Any advice or smart-a$$ comments are welcome. I am so exited about this project and if anyone wants I can throw up some progress pics. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!
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Wow...already look like an idiot. Inline 6...As far as the seats, I'm not really into the Wet Okolaes and just wouldn't feel right knowing that the leather underneath was shredded. Plus, I'm 6 foot 5, and I was hoping a racing seat would have a narrower back as to provide a little more leg room. I live on the west side of the island, but its still only a 25 minute drive, or 15 in the Z3! Thanks for the reply.

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Thanks for the help fellas...Found a couple parts on the mainland willing to ship here. Now a stupid question. Will the carpet from a 2001 M coupe fit my 97 Z3? I know it sounds crazy but looking at the interior it doesnt sound too far gone...
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