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Z3 OBC - no longer receive DTE

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A short while ago, my car's OBC stopped providing me with the distance-to-empty reading. I still get Time, Temp, Avg MPG and Avg MPH. It seemed to start when I was running out of gas on the drive home. Right before that, the dte reading dropped to 14 miles before I just started getting dashes. I'm thinking the sensor for the gas level got stuck when I ran the tank down, or that it just chose then to stop working. It's been somewhat cold, so I could accept that as an explanation.

I haven't checked fuses yet, but that's the first step.

The dashboard gas gauge works fine, btw. I don't know if the car computer's gas level sensor is the same one as the one for the dashboard gauge, or if it's seperate. Is it the same or are there two sensors?

Any ideas as to what to look at here?
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FYI, Fuse 31 (in the main fuse box in the engine bay) powers the OBC.
scy said:
... Try a full reset of the OBC by cutting power to it.
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