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Z3 rear fog and/or double brake lights

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Hi all. Was wondering if anyone has added rear fogs or doubled brake or running lights to the Z3? I was noting the extra bulb spots there....but there is no place to put the bulb. Do this bulb holders actually have part numbers ?

thanks, all
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See JonM's post on 4/02 "Need rear fog light help"
Good info, a fewmore questions

Wow, that is a nice thread....but one questions is.....

does anyone know if the little metal bulb holders are actual part numbers or do you have go get an entire rear light assembly to get those parts? Witth the holders, adding extra lights would be a snap!

just tried this on 2001 M Roadster

I just went to the dealership to do this for my 2001 M Roadster. Unfortunately, the convertible Zs use a different socket system than the coupes. The sockets are not available separately, and require purchase of the whole "plastic mount and socket plate" according to the dealership's ETK. I decided to forgo this and went to the local PEP boys but there are no sockets that fit our cars.

I might be interested in purchasing one of the backings and splitting the cost (and parts) with an interested party. Email me if interested.......

I was surprised to see such a difference between cars, and I am not sure Ron realizes this (I didn't either until I ordered the parts for the coupe, took them home, and opened the panel with the lights, and said...... "oh sh-t!!"!!)!!!!!


Interesting Idea. Though some were saying you should just wait around until the dealer or some unfortunate z3er gets nailed in the rear by cell phone/pizza/makeup person. Then, we could all just salvage the little metal bulb holders.

Looks to me that there is at least one spare socket that could house a larger bulb equivalent to the brake lights. This would be a good rear fog and then this would also serve as extra brake lights. Up here in Seattle, the winters are mighty dark and anything to make them see me easier is a must.

Do you know how much a spare rear light assembly would cost?


Lamp holder

What year and model Z3 do you have? Better would be the last seven digits of your VIN #.
Some roadsters have lamp holders, some don't.
On my '00 M coupe, I used a lamp holder and fabricated the metal contact tabs out of brass.
On my '01 M coupe I used the lamp holder from an E36 shown in the following pic. Rather than fabricating the tabs, I soldered directly to the lamp holder.


thanks for answering davem's thread. i have a 2001 M roadster (the last 7 of the vin is LJ80052).... if you could help us out, i'd really appreciate it. does your software give you the MSRP?

the brake/turning bulb socket is what i think dave you would be interested in, as well as I. the dimmer pole could be used for the brake, and the brighter for the fog....

i ordered the part in the pic , but it won't fit our roadster!! i was also going to solder as well......

thanks for your help, ron!

97 Z3

Well, guys,
We may not all be talking about the same animals.
My 97 1.9 has just the little metal sockets that are screwed/hot plastic welded to the light unit.

I do not have those nice little sockets. Would have been nice.
I have some pics, but can't load right now.
Gotta go to a birthday party.

I will try to post tonight some nice pics.

I do thank you all for such the kindness,.

i've got what you've got, dave..... help ron!


i'm pretty sure I got what you got... the sockets are mounted to the plastic backing that screws unto the light fixture/body itself....

i think its the same amongst all roadsters, and different for the coupes.................

The '96 up to 4/99 non M roadsters use a similar assembly as the M roadsters but they have different part numbers.
Item 3 for these in the following M roadster pic are 63 21 8 389 861 & 2 $31.00 retail each.
M roadster ones are 63 21 2 695 119 & 20 $70.00 retail. Have no idea what the differences are. I assume that the lamp holding part for stripping purposes is the same.
The non M roadster from 4/99 use lamp holder assemblies similar to the coupes.

I get my pricing from the BMW 6/99 retail/wholesale price book $50.00 retail. Not many dealers will sell the retail/wholesale one. The retail one, part number 88 88 7 000 776 retails for $30.00. This is the last one published.
A few weeks ago my body shop guy gave me a Mitchell 08/01 Collison Estimating & Reference Guide, Imported, European.
Unlike the BMW price book which is just a list of numbers, this has pictures along with retail pricing and labor times and is more up to date.

On cars that come with the rear fogs, the lamp is the same as the brake light (21 W).
So you just need a single element lamp.
You run the added lamp from the existing brake light. If you want to do rear fogs too, you run the added lamp from the existing brake light using a blocking diode. You wire the added lamp from the rear fog light switch too.
So when you have the rear fog switch on, the blocking diode keeps it from lighting the stock brake light. When you step on the brake pedal the blocking diode allows it to light the added lamp.
The following pic shows a sketch of how it was done on my '96 328is. Just reference the diode part.

Rough sketch.

thanks for the info Ron! EOM!

Thanks, RS!

Thanks for this great information.
I might just have to get one of those double fog light switches and then hook this up.

Does anyone know where we might find these rear light sets on the used or salvaged market? Would hate to spend a lot just to get one metal holder!

Also, does anyone know if the US dash has a light on it for the rear fog, or could we possibly rig one?


i'll split one with you!


i am going to try the $31 part today and see if it has what we need.... if it does, i'll parse/split the cost with you...

i'll let you know how many sockets it has.... ideally we need 4 (2 each)........ the dealership here surprising honors the 20% cca discount, so it should be relatively inexpensive.......

i'll keep you informed!

Splitting parts

What a GREAT Idea.
I have to take my Z in monday for Inspection I, so I will swing by the parts department and see what they say there.

Also, Will check prices for double fog light switches.

Say, have you ever taken the dash and instrument cluster apart before? I was wondering if there is light there for the rear fog. Would be slick to have it light up just like the front ones.

Let me know what your research finds. I have a few new digital pics of the light assembly here somwhere....I took it apart this weekend while washing her.


i'm not sure about cluster......

but from what i read, i suspect there is.......

we might want to ask ron....

alas, i did not make it to the dealership today, will try to go tomorrow......
Re: Splitting parts

DaveM said:

Say, have you ever taken the dash and instrument cluster apart before? I was wondering if there is light there for the rear fog. Would be slick to have it light up just like the front ones.
Rear fog lamp indicator bulb is not installed. You can add on easily though. You will need to add a pin to the main connecotr harness to get the bulb to turn on. This is on my to-do list.

You can order the front and rear fog icon panel like the one in pic if you have extended leather. Similar part is blank for non extended cars.

Thanks, John. You are a god.

By the way,
rumor has it you moved back to california as the Seattlelites have yet to see you.

Say it aint so!
Re: Thanks, John. You are a god.

DaveM said:
By the way,
rumor has it you moved back to california as the Seattlelites have yet to see you.

Say it aint so!
Nope, still in Seattle. I have a habit of getting a new job every 3 years. Still have 2 years and 3 months to go at this one!

I tend to not hang out with the Seattle crowd.
You might want to try the guys who sell the white/red tail lights on eBay -

I picked up a set (not the greatest quality, but not too bad for $135) - and the two weird things about them were:

1. The hole for the little side-lamp was filled in. No idea why. There was a room for the bugger, so i just drilled out the hole and it works fine. Still, it's odd.

2. They included two little pre-wired metal bulb sockets for the unused plastic mounts in the Z3's lamp assembly. No instructions on what to do with them, they were just loose in the box. I haven't installed mine yet, so I'm not positive they're the same, but they look like the right ones.

So apparently, somebody out there has a zillion of the suckers - I bet they'd sell you some , if you asked.

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