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Z3 steering issues...Scarey!!!!!

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Not sure if this is what they call 'Tramlining' but nearly every bump in road throws the steering and car off centre. This is quite scary on dual carriageway doing 60. Even driving cautiously still feels dangerous.

Have checked my front shocks and dont appear to show any signs of leaking also ARB links look a bit tired but I have seen worse.

I do seem to remember having something very similar on my old MX5 but front shocks were gone and replaced and sorted the issue out.

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I had a similar issue with my e30 until I replaced the front strut inserts. They 'looked' good, but were worn (one worse than the other) and very noticable once removed from the car.

I have a similar issue with my 1998 Z3. My issue turns out to be worn front bushings and worn rear sub frame mounts. The result is similar to tramlining; however, much more severe. On some roads that have serious imperfections, my Z3 is almost impossible to control. My repairs are scheduled for the week after next.
Just remember worn out shocks will cause the suspension bushings to wear more quickly. If your car still has the original shocks, the shocks should also be replaced.
Worn bushings or improper alignment or combination of both.

I would check front control arm bushings and tie rod ends. Then check front toe setting.

Then move to the rear.
+ 1 on front bushings - same thing on my e46 330i sedan. While other stuff can cause it these wear out more frequently.
the place that works on my Z3 was very surprised that the bushings had not been replaced by the prior owner. He commented that the ball joints appear to had been recently replaced and he was surprised that when the ball joints were replaced, they did not replace the bushing at the same time.
Thanks everyone, will get checked out at garage:thumbup:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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