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Z3 top stopped functioning

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What's going on guys,

My top stopped functioning on my z3 3.0 2001.

It worked fine not long ago.
The button lights up, but when I push it. ...nothing.

Any suggestions ?
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Not to sound sillybut......... did you have your foot on the brake and did you manually start the top up?...... if you did and it still doesn't work...... fuses good? If the fuses are good and you are getting pwr to the relays on the pump motor ..... If you are the it just mmight be the top limit /safety switch...... the connector is behind the "B" piller on the drivers side, down where the top hinge is..... you can unplug the connector and jumper the wires and see if that works
Haha yeah I had my foot on the brake. I don't hear the pump working when I hit the button. Normally I would hear it work.

Which fuse do I need to check ?
& I've never actually checked the safety switch. I will need to locate that.
I had the exact same problem and could hear the motor functioning but the top wouldn't budge.

Turned out the top is pushed up and down by a bar that protrudes into the cab behind the seat on the left side of the car. It had just become unattached and only required simply slipping it back in.

If you need it I can take a pic and throw it up here if my explanation isn't good enough. Its very simple to spot and fix.

Hope this helps and sorts you out
I actually can't hear the motor.
I think a fuse might have gone out or I accidentally hit the release switch.

Do you know which fuse is needed ?
or where the release is located ?
Fuse F46 provides power to the brake light sw, when the pedal is depressed, the sw passes pwr to the one side of both open/close relay Coils. (the other side of the coil is connected to the top open/close switch then thru the top limit switch to ground)

When the relay coil energizes and trips the contacts in the relay, it allows pwr to flow from fuse F1 to the actual motor.(relays are mounted on the top’s hyd motor dvr’ side trunk area) When the relays are not energized both Coils are awaiting to go to ground (and no pwr going to the motor) and the normally closed terminals are connected directly to a grounding stud located just below and fwd of the motor in the trunk..

That way, for example, when the top’s open switch is pressed, the open relay is energized +12 flows thru the relay to the motor and the other side of the motor is connected directly to the grounding stud (via the down relay not being energized)…… and the motor spins clockwise thus the top goes opens. If the close is pressed etc….. the motor spins counter-clockwise etc……

I'd start with the brake switch, because little is involved to test it,………if the brake lights work……… probably not that.

Next check that the Tan wires are connected securely to the grounding stud (located just below and fwd of the motor on the trunk floor, two largeg wires)

Next do the relays…….It’s far easier to unbolt the motor from it’s mount and lay in the trunk, to do the testing. The relays are mounted to the motor mount etc…..All you have to do is loosen the top nut so the shock mount will slide out of the bracket, the bottom mounts just slide out nothing to loosen……..

Unlatch the top and, by hand start it opening (doesn’t matter if it drifts all the way open)
Hook a jumper wire to the Neg post on the battery and one to the Pos post, be careful not to short the pos jumper. On the close relay, you are looking for the very small dia Brown/Yellow wire, touch the neg jumper here and on the same relay the Blue/Red wire, the Pos jumper goes here….. the brake lights should come on and the motor should start spinning…… if it does the circuit from the brake light switch is good. Do the other relay ….. Brown/Red wire- neg…….. Blue/Red - Pos
There are 5 terminals on each relay

Open relay pin-out
30=Black/Blue =Motor (should have 12v when brake pedal is depressed and the Top open button is pressed)
86=Blue/Red =Brake sw (should have 12v when brake pedal is depressed)
85=Brown/Red=Top sw
87a=Red/Yellow=Fuse F1 (should have 12v when key is on)

Close relay pin-out
30=Black/Yellow= Motor (should have 12v when brake pedal is depressed and the Top close button is pressed)
86=Blue/Red= Brake sw (should have 12v when brake pedal is depressed)
85=Brown/Yellow=Top sw
87a=Red/Yellow=Fuse F1 (should have 12v when key is on)

Next the motor it’s self………. Large White and Black wires coming off the motor, disconnect it Wht-pos jumper, Blk-Neg jumper or Vicea-Versa

Next is the most involved………soft top micro switch, it should be located on the drivers side at the hinge joint in the top’s side struts and covered by a plate (just above your head if you’re sitting in the dvr’s seat)........

Two ways to do this test

1st way remove the switch and insert a small sewing needle so that it shorts the two wires, this will complete the ground loop for the motor relays coils, if it works… you have a bad switch, make sure and use some liquid tape to cover over the hole you just put in or corrosion will get in there pretty fast.

2nd way, less envasive…..
Just behind the drivers door "B" piller, where the mount for the hinge for the soft top is ...... is a rubber boot/weather seal (the top hinge goes thru the seal) the seal has a screw, maybe 2, that holds it in's a real PITA to get out.....anyway, behind that seal is the connector for the top micro switch........ disconnect the connector and place a jumper in the trunk side of the connector......... if it works with the jumper in, then it's the soft top micro switch…… (it’s ok to drive around with the jumper in to make sure that’s what it is…. just remember you are by-passing the top safety feature) If you remove the jumper and the problem returns and you need to replace the switch. You will be shocked at how much a new one costs!!!! Three choices…… suck it up for a new one, see if you can find a used one on ebay or cut the wires and install a “like” micro switch from an electronics parts store and try your best to waterproof it. I got lucky and found a used one for $60 on ebay but I it ever goes out again, I’ll try the “like” modification….etc…
just signed up and am enjoying... boy trying to find and figure all this fuse, wire, etc... i feel lucky with my 97 z3 manual top. <<<learning this sites in & outs is enough>>>
Thanks for all the information!
I fixed the problem by simply changing the fuse.
Good to hear it was simple!
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