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I first want to thank GiuidoK, bcworkz & krisfnbs on Z-forum and GVfB on Bimmerposts for their valuable posts. Without them I’d still be nowhere.

Needless to say, I am still a bit confused but have a rough plan in mind that I’d appreciate experienced feedback on.

I have a 2006 Z4 3.0si with the S677(no “a” in the suffix)- “HiFi system Professional DSP” option as indicated via BMW VIN decoder. I have one Mystery question and then “The Draft Plan”

Mystery Question 1: Before jumping into my plan let me state that it assumes I have this system in place – DSP and subwoofers have been verified – and that I should expect the amp to be sitting just rear of the battery in the boot. However, as the attached picture below shows – it is not there. Can anyone help me to understand why that is and where the amp might be located on this model year?

The Draft Plan:
  • Install a Pioneer AVH3500NEX(already in hand) – The overarching goal is to have Carplay and this was the most viable solution – even if it blocks the vents.
  • Keep audio quality at a reasonable level of quality – does not need to be audiophile level.
  • Replace head unit (with above) and use Metra 99-9303 dash adaptor; Metra 70-9003 wiring harness for basic connections; Metra 40-EU10 for antenna adaptor and Axxess ASWC-1 steering wheel control adaptor.
  • Purchase and install a class A/B amp to locate in the boot – by the battery – am thinking of Alpine S-a32F – but am open to other suggestions. This one is $220 on Amazon and would prefer to not spend much more.
  • Replace kick panel speaker and tweeter in door with Infinity Primus PR5010cs – Similarly, I am not wed to these but would like to keep price point around $120.
  • Leave small (I assume mid-range speakers) in door but disconnected.
  • Leave small (I again assume mid-range speakers) in back panel in place but disconnected.
    • I make key power connection in the dash with the Metra adaptor
    • I run RCA cables to the amp in the rear for each channel
    • I run wiring from the amp to the speakers from the boot.. While it would be great to use any existing speaker wiring, because there is no amp in the boot there is also no wiring harness to access.
  • Any suggestions to simplify this would be welcome.

    As noted – this is a draft plan. Only the HU has been purchased and everything else is modifiable. Thanks in advance for reading and, possibly, advising.

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