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z4 and Bangle-bashing in latest Autocar

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Well there are some more pics of the new Z4 in the new Autocar, with almost no disguise. The same black prototype we've been getting pics of till now. The stupid concave and convex panels on the side are very clear and follow almost the same lines as the x-coupe concept. And its got the hideous hump in the back. Its also got the CS1 tailights with the droop on the far ends. The headlights were still masked but the overall front look is pretty easy to make out, and pretty easy to not like. But overall IMO the front is better (but doesn't mean good) than the side and back.

On the same page they mention the petition on where they said there have been 947 petitions to date, to get rid of Bangle. And they mention and a poll in which 44% of respondents said "get a rope!" implicating Bangle for the horrible new designs. They also say that if they thought the new 7 was ugly, wait till they see the Z4. Funny, I remember reading almost exactly the same thing about the new 5....something along the lines of "if you thought the new 7 was radical, wait till you see the 5".

Guys, whats gonna happen to the 3? I'm really getting scared now....
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TD said:

Maybe we can get Claus Luthe out of retirement after all. And Reitzle is quasi-available.

Let the rebuilding start now.
hehehe....somehow this reminds me of those movies in which the hero gets called back from "retirement" to save the world. Like in Cliffhanger, Hot Shots Part Deux, probably some Steven Seagal and other Stallone movies (Rambo?), etc...etc...
Hey Tom, is this the original poll from

Or was there some other "get a rope" choice poll before that? I couldn't find one. Well if this is the one, then I just realized you made the post...pretty cool that it was mentioned in Autocar! Congrats!! :D
TD said:

They were referring to the poll box Alan and Charlie wired up with actual "radio buttons" that tallied the vote. It was at the top of the page there for a while. I voted in the Bangle poll MANY times (so it wasn't exactly scientific).

But the thread you linked was inspired by the poll at the top of the page. The poll had like 4 choices with 3 being different levels of positive response and the 4th being "Get a Rope". I didn't think that was harsh enough, hence the thread.
ah yes, now I remember.... you're right, it wasn't harsh enough. :tsk:
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