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Z4 Animation from BMW AG

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If anyone has the bandwidth and the interest, here's a 360 degree exterior view of the new Z4, from BMW (Germany). It was sent to Canadian dealers this week. It's hosted on my wife's web site and is in a ZIP file (7.8MB). The viewer is included as well. It came from a promo CD sent to the dealers. It even includes an animation of the softop going up.
I also have Desktop Wallpapers (4 views), if anyone is interested, in 800X600 and 1024X768 formats.
My wife is so excited about this car, that I may have to get her a big Xmas present !! :)
Just click on the link and change directory to "pub". The file is called BMWZ4.Zip

Z4 FTP :thumbup:
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I'm sorry to be picky but... Do you have anything a Mac user can handle? Like a nice lil' mpeg? :D

Even if not, thanks anyway for sharing...I'll just have to work for it... :) only came in this format (European), and I don't have any converters.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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