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**Z4** DIY Guides (Post links here)

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This thread is meant to be Z4-specific. Post links and how-to's as replies to this thread. I/we will edit as needed.

This thread is NOT for questions. This thread is to post DIY or How-To's. If you have a question about your car, please start a new thread. Do NOT post your question here. Your post will be deleted in the interest of keeping this thread on topic.

If you have a question about a DIY posted here, feel free to ask away here or int he original thread.
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Z4 Heated outside mirrors

Someone sent me this knowing I was into it on the E36.

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Z4 retrofit stainless steel pedal plates


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Z4 Alarm install instructions 65 73 0 302 424

Just installed the alarm retrofit kit (without interior protection).
Part # 65 73 0 302 424 $112r
Initially wasn't going to add it, but an experience in VA on the way to HC changed my mind.

Basically a under hood switch and a siren with built in tilt sensor.
The siren assembly gets installed underneath the car between the two mufflers.
Instructions say you have to remove the rear bumper cover to do that.
Having the car apart before, that didn't make sense.
Turns out that you just have to remove (8 screws and 2 plastic nuts) the black bottom diffuser
plastic piece cover which gives you the same access that removing the bumper does.

Non M part:

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Switch unit center console 61 31 057


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Z4 Car key memory 2006

Stopped by my dealer today in respect to coding the CD changer and phone docking cradle. Since both items work fine he recommended to leave it alone. I agreed.

We went on to do car/key memory. They tried to do car key memory when I took delivery of the car (part of PDI) but the system would not connect to the car. This was a M Coupe thing and they fixed it with version 22.
When he initially connected it said to use EDIC.
He was not familar with that and changed the head and it came up fine.
Basically the same as the following pics plus it showed the three flash lane change option.
I asked him to print the list and he said can't be done. He did print out the changes.
Some of the things mentioned in the list didn't make sense to me or him.
I basically had him do the following.

DRL which lights the inside halos.

One momentary turn signal touch = turn signal lane change three flashs.
I prefer the -Firestone five flash.

Lock after unlock without open. Have no idea what that does and neither does he.
I assume that it will relock the car if unlocked without opening the door. Haven't tried it yet.

Automatic door lock when driving off when you reach ~10 MPH.
I prefer the -Firestone method which locked on start and also at some speed.
On the list.

I also asked him to activate alarm but he said that it was already activated. I tried this long ago but no flash. Turns out that it doesn't flash until 1 minute 11 seconds go by.

Easy mods:).

Pathway Lighting:
I have mine at 40 seconds.
From the manual:


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Z4 M Service Maintenance Checklist

Seems like this previous post by Ron with copy of Service Maintenance Checklist should be in this thread for easy reference:
Tire Pressure Monitoring Modules (TPS / TPMS) 2007 M

I bought winters and with the lack of a spare, was not comfortable driving without the reassurance of tire pressure monitoring. So I bought sensors for the winter set. Since there is much ado about "yes you need sensors", "no it's ABS"... I thought this would help everyone.

2007 DO NEED sensors in all four wheels. It is now an active system. Not sure if it's a model year thing or as of some manufacture date, but it's true.

To do this - you will need 4 each of two parts...

11 SCREW-IN VALVE RDC GELB 36146759741

Bad news - most dealers don't stock these parts. Good news - about half the price of american counterparts and not that bad... figure about $50 per wheel with a CCA discount and tax.

Attached is a diagram of the parts (see identifiers 10 and 11) as well as a pic I took (sorry crappy cam phone) when I had them installed in the wheel. The gray blobs are the sensors, the little sticks - got me?! I think they were there to help screw in the stem.

Hope this helps someone!



Image of actual item:


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Removing and installing front radiator grilles

Instead of pushing up the tabs you can just push down the plactic with card (stiff credit card) and push forward on the top of the card and it pops right out.
Tool part number cedes to 83 30 0 493 687 2/$19.25r. I have four of them. Use them all of the time removing stuff.

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Power windows initializing Z4 from 04/2004


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Z4 Rear bumper cover removal

When I removed the front reflectors one came out easily. The other was destoyed.
Not an issue since I had them filled. The rear ones turn out CCW from the inside.
Pay attention to see where the wheel well plastic goes, inside or outside of the fender,
depending on which bumper.
Inside on the rear, but can go the other way too.

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