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Z4 Headlight Issues

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Hey Folks - new member and 1st post - hope you can help me out with the following problem:
The headlights on my 07 Z4 Coupe malfunction rather randomly, where one lamp goes out while the angel eyes stay on.

When this happens I pull over, and cycle the light switch and highbeams manually a number of times. With no rhyme or reason, one headlamp will quit, the other might turn off, or they both quit leaving only the angel eyes. Like flipping two coins trying to come-up both heads, they both eventually come back on, and I drive onwards.

Happens on long drives more frequently than short ones. I dont' think bumps in the road or moisture are factors here. Took it to the dealer and they couldn't replicate the issue... basically giving me the bird. Thinking it's a controller issue... anyone ideas on how to diagnose or where to look under the hood?

Many thanks in advance.
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Same issue here. What did you find out was the issue with the headlight?
:mad: Oh man what a bummer! Well thanks for the heads up on that one!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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