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Z4MC Compact Sub Install

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I came across the Blaupunkt THb200A compact subwoofer on Crutchfield and the reviews were enough to sway me to place an order. Installation was pretty straightforward, thanks to the post from PEETI

The line-level speaker mapping Peeti mentioned was right on (pic #1), but I decided to make some wiring changes for power and ground. I decided to tap power (twisted red wires in pic#2) from the same source as the DSP amp and grounded (blue cap in pic #3) at the same spot were a ground connection was already present.

The sub came with two metal brackets for mounting. I used one, but installed it upside down, and was able to wedge it in the metal bar that keeps the trunkliner in place. The amp is just the right length so it makes a pretty snug fit without screws. I'll let you guys know if it doesn't stay in place.

As you can see from the last picture, it doesn't take up much room. It's an 8-inch sub so its punch is a bit limited, but it does a good job at filling in the lows...not earthshaking, but better than stock.


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Update: Now that I've had it for a few weeks, I thought I'd let you know that I've been pretty happy with this addition. I listen to an eclectic variety of music. For Jazzy sounds, it works very well with no distortion even at the loudest settings. For Rap/Hip-Hop, it holds its own...with some tunes, the bass holds up even at loud volumes, with others, not so well. So far, no I get to keep my trunk space.
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