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Z8 Start Button - It WORKS!

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Follow-up to a post I made a bit ago. Stopped working on it for awhile, but got back to it last night. Actually, I never doubted that it wouldn't work, because several people before me had it done. The thing that made my install different was the fact that I put a light around it. The wiring itself is simple. Its just getting the light source adjusted right as well as getting it mounted securely that takes time. I didn't bother hooking it up to the E-Brake, but I will soon. That little feature will prevent the button from working when the E-brake is down ( The button requires a bit of force to depress, so I'm not worried about accidentally pushing it while I'm driving ).

Right now, you can still start the car the normal way or you move the key to the 2nd position (where it would normally be when the engine is on) and then depress the Start button until the car starts. I think its cool.

Hmmm...not much left in the Mod department. Got my UUC exhaust (a little loud right now, but it looks and sounds good). I'm probably going to get a big brake kit and then maybe I'll look into Vince's paddle-shift retrofit since I use M mode 99% of the time.

I will be at Bimmerfest later this month of course, so anybody who'd like to check it out, feel free to do so. I'll be wearing a name tag with my screen name. I hope others do the same so I can put a face to the names. I'm certainly looking forward to it.
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That is very cool!

I would love to know the parts, etc. needed to pull it off if you care to share!
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