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zaino vs. p21s....

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okay, so i'm about to go buy either zaino or p21s today for a weekend detail (hopefully, supposed to rain this weekend here). which i buy solely depends on ease of application. well a little about quality of look after, but mostly ease of application. i had blitz (still have a lot left) but it was a pita to apply for me at least. so of the two, which gives better shine and which is easiest to apply. thanks
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The question would be, what do you want from a wax?

Longevity? Go with polymer based (Zaino is polymer based)

Luster, wet look? Equal IMO, I've used both high end polymers and carnauba's, I honestly could not tell a Polymer waxed car from a Carnauba waxed car (and those who can, I commend them, 27 years of car ownership, I cannot tell!)

Application? Not sure about Zaino, but most all waxes are applied, and removed the same way, by hand or machine. P21S Carnauba is very easy to remove, I'm sure Zaino is too.
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I'm with Rip on this one. It's hard to tell the difference without looking at a carnauba shine and a polymer shine side-by-side. I've done a panel side by side and the only difference I could state with any sort of confidence is that the carnauba side (Souveran) is definitely darker. Other factors like wetness and to a lesser extent, reflectivity, were hard to detect. I suppose the darker shine could also be termed as having more depth and warmth.

IMO, P21S is a little easier to buff and will provide the 'deeper' shine I just mentioned. The bright shine of Zaino will last longer and seem to improve over time, but like you said in your post, your main considerations are ease of application and quality of shine.

I've heard (from the owner of the Autopia site) that the S100 Carnauba wax is the exact same wax as P21S, except it's marketed to motorcycles and costs $10 less. So my suggestion would be to go ahead and get the S100 for $15 instead of the P21S for $25.

BTW, Rip, I hope you don't mind but I posted a pic of your car with P21S over at Autopia and it's a big hit! People love it!
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hmm longevity is important as i dont have a lot of time to wax my car, but i'd rather have to wax it a little more often than have to take very long to apply it.... i've been given a reprieve as the only place i can get p21s is a bit away and i wont be able to go til the weekend... i guess i hope this thread lives long enough to give me a sense...
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Intermezzo said:

BTW, Rip, I hope you don't mind but I posted a pic of your car with P21S over at Autopia and it's a big hit! People love it!
Not at all! I still visit that site from time to time, I just haven't posted much. Which thread btw?
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