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Zaino'd my car, but...

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It seems I still haven't mastered the art of waxing my car. I have the usual telltale marks that I've left - I can't describe it, not quite swirl marks. Now, granted I have a Jet Black car, but still... Is this a factor of improper application or removal usually? I'm using my current car as a guinea pig before I get my M.

BTW, while the car looks great, I can't get over the way it feels, it's like running your hand along glass! Amazing!
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Imola ed-

I noticed a similar thing when I used Zaino-- under certain lighting condtions the car seemed ot have a film over it. I know it was my mis-application of it. But no matter what I did (as closely as I read Alee's and Zaino's insturctions) I just couldn't get it right.

I finally gave up went to P21s products -- and never looked back. Although they don't last as long and don't give you quite the same level of smoothness they're so much easier and more satisfying to apply that you don't mind doing it every month. They also do a better job of hiding light scratches than the Zaino producsts


I use the exact same combo right down to the Mother's detail spray! I'm very happy w/ those products as well. I ended up w/ Mothers just because they were out of Meguiar's at my local Auto parts store. But now I'm hooked.
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