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Zaino'd my car, but...

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It seems I still haven't mastered the art of waxing my car. I have the usual telltale marks that I've left - I can't describe it, not quite swirl marks. Now, granted I have a Jet Black car, but still... Is this a factor of improper application or removal usually? I'm using my current car as a guinea pig before I get my M.

BTW, while the car looks great, I can't get over the way it feels, it's like running your hand along glass! Amazing!
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Re: Re: Re: Zaino'd my car, but...

Imola Ed said:

It's very hard to see - it requires just the right angle. That's why I probably didn't see it until I pulled the car out the next morning. The night I did it, it looked smooth as glass. I think the best description I can muster up is that it looks like the northern lights (that kind of shimmer) without the color obviously :D
This happend to me tonight when i touched up my hood on my new 330i with wax. This was the first time i had put wax on it as it is only a week old. I also have the jet black and it seemed like some parts had something strange happening like it was greasy without anything really there. Let me know if you get this solved and how.
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