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finally zainoed my car , 2 coats of Z5 , 3 coats of Z2 layering Z6 in between, ohh yeah i clayed it too , loooks slick and smoooth , but not a very noticable difference , probably cause i already kept it always clean and shining ,
or prob i will feel the differnce in LONGEVITY of polish ,
but i am happy ....
and yeah its not 3 hrs job , took me 10 hrs on tuesday , with a break fast break and 2 hrs next day , .....
it has not rained so far so i hv yet to see rain drops dancing on it , only if they dance at all .....
and one more thing i wanna say is that , its all wut u use the first time , there are sooo many polishes out there and most high quality polishes are more or less same .... its all about wut u USE FOR THE FIRST TIME and then u stick to it and u know it that its the best , untill or unless u are using some low quality and uncomparable stuff...
if it goes the 6-8 months without me hving to wax again , i wud be happy ....
am tooo tired and sore after the hardwork to take few clicks of it :)
but its black and its shining.............
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