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ZKE GM3 or Basic Module replacement

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As many others I have a problem with my ZKE module, started as problem with rear doors not locking correctly, alarm going off without reason, and lately as battery drained with car left parked.

My indie mechanic pointed out the ZKE or GM3 module at fault.

Issue is my car is a 530i manufactured 03/2001 european version and correct part # replacement according to is 613569 42042, whereas the USA version of same car has replacement of 613569 42047.

Does anyone know if the slight different part variation will cause any trouble at all?

The parts number progression in realoem shows initially same part numbers for both euopean and usa versions

Help appreciated, as the price difference for the part is rather substantial!!!!!

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Don't know the differences between the 2 p/n's, however are you sure the battery draining isn't causing some of these problems?
thks for the reply, pretty sure, forgot to mention my indie was at a bmw dealership for 25+ years and is probably the most experienced one around the country..... he still gets queries from the official dealer pretty often
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