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Has anyone used the Zymol products being sold at Costco? They have Zymol Auto Wash in gallons and 2 bottles of Cleaner-Wax. Good prices
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I used it along time ago, not bad stuff but I used it on a White finish, so just about anything works on white. Outside of Costco, alittle spendy for a polymer based product. When 'The Wax Test' website was up, it finished in about the middle of the pack for polymers, not really good, not really bad either.
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Zymol.....Great for attracting water spots not a very good product (highly not recommended). Once you have applied this product on your car and it rains. It is guaranteed to have hard water spots. It attracts water spots. I would also say never look at the price on a product you can't find good products for cheap. Price is not an option for BMW owners :D ............Good luck on what you decide on.

I also agree with RIPSNORT on everything works on white.
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Thanks for all the helpful information.
I think the product you get in Costco is made by Turtle Wax for Zymol. Commonly known as "Zytle Wax" stuff.

They are hard to buff off and does not last long; thought all Carnuba wax does not last long compared to polymer sealant.

The real Zymol highend stuff is real expensive, in the $50-$100 range; and mostly used by people on show-cars/competition stuff. Not at all worth the money/effort on a daily driver imho.
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I've used the Zymol scratch and swirl remover, and had some good results. Doesn't last all that long though. It's definitely not a permenant solution to swirls and scratches.
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