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E38 Summary


Extended Wheelbase L7

From 1997 to 2001 BMW offered the extended wheelbase L7, also known as the 705iXL. Based on the 705iL, it featured an extra 25cm after the B pillar and was “the first BMW tailored especially for the requirements of the rear seat passengers.”Template:cite book Some of the convenience and productivity options available for rear occupants included television, VHS player, fax machine, icebox, telephone, writing desk and folding hardwood tables. A glass divider between the front and rear seats was available, as well as a choice of four or 5-seat configuration.

Not to be confused with the BMW E23 L7 which was a regular-wheelbase high-spec edition for the North American market, the E38 L7 was not sold in Canada or the United States. Over the five-year run of the E38 L7 only 899 examples were built. At 5.37 metres it remains the longest factory-built BMW to date.

Year LHD RHD Total
1996 8 0 8
1997 244 21 265
1998 early 177 12 189
1998 late 118 6 124
1999 93 5 98
2000 90 23 113
2001 98 4 102
Totals 828 71 899