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E60 Summary

What is an E60?

2004 and up 5 series BMW. The BMW E60 automobile platform is the basis of the 2003-onwards 5-Series automobile, replacing the BMW E39. Before the recent restyling, the models available were the 520i, 520d, 525i, 525d, 530i, 530d, 535d, 545i, and the M5. The model range received uprated engines as part of the restyling. The 523i replaced the 520i as the base model and featured the previous 525i engine, detuned to 177 bhp (132 kW; 179 PS). The 525i received a new 218 bhp (163 kW; 221 PS) engine (up from 192 bhp). The 530i engine output was increased to 272 hp (up from 231 bhp). The 528i replaced the 525i with 230 hp (up from 218 hp). The 535i replaced the 530i with 300 hp (up from 258 hp). The 530d was upgraded to 231 bhp (up from 218 bhp). The 535d was upgraded to 286 bhp (up from 272 bhp). The 540i was introduced with a V8 engine producing 302 bhp (225 kW; 306 PS). The 550i replaced the 545i in the fall of 2005 with 362 bhp (270 kW; 367 PS). The 520d, 525d and the M5 remained the same.

A BMW 5 Series E61 patrolcar of the German Federal Police The E60 is available in both Limousine (sedan) and Touring (station wagon) (E61) platforms. The exterior design by Chris Bangle and Adrian van Hooydonk is controversial due to its unusual proportions. The 'eyebrow' of the front headlights was also frowned upon by car magazines for taking away the aggressive look of its predecessors. Its iDrive system has been simplified from the system in the 7 Series. It can be ordered with a full array of options such as active cruise control, head-up display, active steering, and the Harman Kardon Logic7 stereo system. The BMW M5 is the high performance version of the range, and is one of the highest performance sedans on the market. Like all BMW 'M' cars, it balances superb handling with power, which is delivered by a naturally aspirated 5.0 L (40-valve) V10 producing 373 kW (507 PS (500 hp/373 kW)). The car has a 0-100 km/h time of 4.7 seconds, 0-200 km/h time of 15 seconds, and an electronically governed top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph). Though given the correct tire ratings and the removal of the governor the M5 is capable of 205mph (329km/h). A derivative of the E60 is the E63/E64 which forms the current iteration of the 6 Series coupe.

E61 Summary

What is an E61?

2004 and up 5 series BMW. Called a Touring it is an estate car. E60 is a Limousine (saloon). It is also called a Station Wagon in US parlance, and only available in the US from 2007 to 2010, and is a 4 wheel drive (4x4).

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This is a 5 Series Saloon car, called a Limousine